John 12

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When the Lord Jesus as the Son of Man was lifted up in the form of a serpent, He not only removed our sins and dealt with our serpentine nature but also destroyed Satan and the satanic world system that hangs upon him. Now, by His death, we are redeemed, delivered, have the divine life, and are overcoming the world.


The Lord as a grain of wheat falling into the ground lost His soul-life through death that He might release His eternal life to the “many grains” in resurrection. We as the many grains must lose our soul-life through death that we may enjoy the eternal life in resurrection. This is to follow Him that we might serve Him, as mentioned in verse 26.


What is the way for a grain of wheat to multiply? It is not by being welcomed or honored, but by falling into the ground to die. This is absolutely contrary to the human concept. Nevertheless, we must remember that this is the only way to bring the church into being and to increase it in life.


The living testimony of the church always causes people to believe in the Lord and brings people into the church life. The increase of the church must depend upon the church’s living testimony, not only upon the preaching of the gospel. The best preaching of the gospel that makes the church to increase is our living testimony of experiencing the Lord as our life.