Choosing a Non Profit Board Portal

Nonprofits have unique governance issues which differ from the challenges faced by for-profit corporations. They typically operate with a limited budget and must make decisions in a cost-efficient way. Board portals speed up the meeting process from beginning to end and allow them to concentrate on advocacy.

It isn’t easy to pick the right nonprofit board portal, especially if you are not experienced with technology. But, by carefully evaluating a few key factors, it is possible to identify the most appropriate option for your organization. The first thing to consider is the software’s reputation and customer service. The top companies provide high-quality fast and efficient support. They also provide training to ensure that the new members and administrators understand how the platform works.

The next thing to consider is the software’s capabilities and features. It should be able to allow for easy and seamless integration with third-party applications. This includes video conferencing apps as well as digital signature providers and other tools for managing boards. It should also have an application for mobile that lets members access the app while on the move.

Finally, the software should allow members to collaborate on documents in real-time. This will save time and money by eliminating the requirement to print and distribute documents on paper. In addition the software should be able of updating revisions instantly and distribute them instantly.

To simplify the process of planning meetings, it is recommended to select a program that has an agenda builder and a calendar for meetings. You can make an agenda quickly and keep track of each item on your list.