16. Keep note of the things that matter to him

16. Keep note of the things that matter to him

If you feel shy or nervous facing him, text him to convey your interest. You can feel more relaxed and confident. Send flirty messages and text regularly to let him know how you feel. Sharing cute and quirky memes could effortlessly communicate that you like him.

13. Show him your good qualities

You should show your best side to the guy you like. While having a conversation with him, share your likable and remarkable traits. You can have stimulating discussions with him about current affairs or books. If you are a person who volunteers and helps the needy, incorporate it into your conversation. You can talk about the importance of trust and commitment in relationships to let him know how much you value such traits. After knowing how you think and what you feel, he would understand what a good person you are and would like to date you.

14. Request his help

Men like helping others. You can make him your knight in shining armor by fulfilling that need. You might think taking a man’s help is old school as you are independent, but when you ask for assistance, this guy will know you trust his abilities and consider him reliable. Small things such as asking for his advice or requesting help for a project will make him feel needed. You could bewitch him by showing him that he is needed. It would boost his ego and make him notice you.

15. Confide in him

Being vulnerable in front of the guy you like creates intimacy. Have a candid conversation with him. Share personal things such as your fears, happiest moments, dreams, and problems. After knowing these, a guy would know you better and feel closer to you. He would feel honored that you trusted him. This act of trust may entice him to reciprocate and share his vulnerabilities and create a strong https://lovingwomen.org/fi/blog/latinalaiset-chat-huoneet/ connection between you two.

When you remember important things about a guy, you give him a sign that he matters to you. You need to pay attention when he speaks to you to recall such things. Keep track of his birthday and surprise him with a thoughtful gift. If he told you he has an important meeting at work, wish him good luck the same morning or the previous night. Remember his coffee tastes, favorite food, preferred music, significant events in his life, and family members and close friends’ names.

17. Talk to his friends

If you have any mutual friends, they can help you convey your feelings to this guy. You don’t want them making declarations of love and affection, you just want them talking about you. Praise him to your friends, and ask questions about him. You could say, “He is such a great guy; is he dating anyone?” or “I have met such an interesting guy after a long time; will he go on a date?” His friends would know that you are interested and tell him about you.

18. Try to spend time with him

If he is part of your circle of friends, you might end up meeting in groups. Such a scenario is not ideal for sharing your feelings, but you might try to spend some alone time with him. You can watch him and learn more when you all hang out and catch up with him whenever he is alone.

If you all go out for a movie outing, snag a seat next to him. In case he goes alone to pick up something, you can offer to accompany him. Spending time together would also give you a chance to talk and make an impression on him.