John 9

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Everything is clear to us because now we have both the sight and the light. The sunshine is actually within us. Our eyes are opened and we can see very clearly because we have received sight and are now in the light.

What would have happened if the blind man had refused to obey the Lord’s command to go and wash?


if you obey the living Word and say, “Amen, Lord Jesus,” you immediately have the sensation that something has fallen off your eyes and you have light. Your old humanity has fallen away and you can see into the heavens. This is the way to receive light.

There are three steps which we must follow in order to receive sight for our eyes.


The Lord’s anointing the blind eyes with the clay made of His spittle signifies that by the anointing of the mingling of the Lord’s Word, which is His Spirit, with our humanity, our eyes, which were blinded by Satan, may have sight.